Paid Legal Judgement that has been removed.

Paid Legal Judgement that has been removed.Paid Legal Judgement that has been removed.
Niikolay asked 3 years ago

Here is an odd situation and maybe you can help. I had a judgement from a past landlord from April of 2011. Long story short, I did not feel I was responsible for ALL of the amount they were requesting and they would not work with me. It ended up going to court and I was responsible for little less than half which I did not argue. A judgement was placed and they were paid the following month. About 2 years ago, I noticed that they were showing as unpaid. I contacted the courts, credit bureaus, and the landlord. She never updated the status with the courts. It is now showing paid in May of 2011. I don’t recall seeing a huge bump in my score then but I was also going through credit repair and straightening a lot of “transgressions” out. I’ve read that if you do a dispute with the credit bureau stating that the judgement should be “vacated”, odds are it will be removed. I disputed with TU and Equifax (Experian will not let me do an online dispute for some reason). I received an email back from TU today that, rather quickly (1 week), the judgement has been removed. THere was no rise in my score. Is this because it was so long ago? I’m glad to just have it off my record and I’m assuming the other bureaus will also remove it. I would have liked to see a bump in the score but, again, I am fine that it is off. When I got the notification from Credit Karma that it was removed, my score updates. Should I give it more time or just consider it a win that it’s off and my score won’t change?


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