Paid CO With 7 Years In June While Applying For Mortgage

Paid CO With 7 Years In June While Applying For MortgagePaid CO With 7 Years In June While Applying For Mortgage
Daursessy asked 3 years ago

So I have one CO left on all my CR. It was a collection from HSBC ($ 1200) that I had during college. It was deleted from EX and TU 2 months ago along with the CA record that the account was so to, but I was impatience and did a dispute with EQ.


DOFD is somewhere in July 2009. Account was sold to a CA. 


After disputing with EQ, the CA record could not be confirm and was deleted. HSBC updated their record as Paid /Closed to EQ. My score boosted 100 points. EX and TU shows HSBC back now with Paid/Closed also. I will be calling EX and TU to get an EE this week. EQ told me to call or wait until June 1 as it will be deleted.


Now I’m in a situation where I have an opportunity to buy a house with 2 acres of land (NH) from my GF’s parents. They’re moving and looking to do a quick sale. This is definitely a step up from a start up home but way under current market price. We are renting north of Boston, and home prices out here are out of our reach. Plus with buyers looking outside of Boston, there’s always a bidding war. Lowest prices are around $ 380-450K in all directions of Boston. Prices in NH are low but a few houses on their drive  were sold for over $ 30-50K(With some work and no pool) the price we’re getting.


Should I worry about this paid CO or wait until June 1 to get it deleted. We’re looking to talk to a LO regarding what we could get approve for. My scores are below and hers are in the 805-820s.

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