Original creditor updated CR to a new DOFD

Original creditor updated CR to a new DOFDOriginal creditor updated CR to a new DOFD
linaitame asked 3 years ago

The original creditor Dell Webbank updated my report (when I filed a dispute) from a DOFD of 3/2009 to 10/2009. The 3/2009 was wrong too because the data showed I was 60 days behind in December 2008 and never recovered.I filed another dispute and uploaded a credit report from Equifax dated 7/2/2015 showing the debt having a DOFD of 3/2009 as proof to Equifax of the date change. They just closed my reinvestigation sating “Historical account information has been deleted from this account. The creditor verified the last date of ACTIVETY is correct. My dispute had nothing to do with the last date of activety which they claim to be 1/2010.


Equiifax is claiming this won’t be deleted until an estimated time of 10/2009. It’s a charge off. Dell won’t settle for less than 80%. They claim I owe then $ 2866 and the original CL was $ 1500. So they are saying I owe them almost double at this point. What should I do? How can they change the DOFD when I have a report that shows proof that is what they did?

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