Options for paying off debt

Options for paying off debtOptions for paying off debt
Josephsit asked 4 years ago

Our family  is in a bind. Looking for advice. My credit is good, FICO is 766. My wife is very poor, like 540. Long story short, she developed MS and the disease set her into deep depression. She made some bad choices with spending and over the last two years defaulted on three cards. She now has four cards in collections totalling about $ 6K. We also have some other credit cards in good standing but with high balances. She is not working due to her health so we’re down to one income so very littte room in our budget to pay off this bad debt. I have a Roth IRA i could pull some from but there will be some tax consequences. We also have three kids and they each have a 529 account worth about $ 7K. We need to get rid of this debt. I’d rather not borrow more money, and not even sure we could with her on any loan and I am maxed out, or put more charges on our credit cards. I’m 42 with a good income, but with all the debt we have little left each month. We need to get out of this funk. I realize it will take time, and we’re making progress but its slow. Would it make sense to pull from the Roth or 529, take the one time hit in taxes and get past the debt? I’m leaning towards that. i realize it hurts my retirement but right now it seems like a wiser move than to watch that grow whille the debt doesn’t go away. 

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