Opinion on my FHA loan chances please?

Opinion on my FHA loan chances please?Opinion on my FHA loan chances please?
GeorgeFethy asked 4 years ago

Like many others, I’ve been lurking and learning for months.  I want to apply for a FHA loan soon and would like your opinions on my chances.

Here’s the dirt:

MyFico scores–EQ 665

                         TU 648

                        EX 669

3 medical collections from 2010. total is less than $ 900–I’ve sent off letters for PFD. no response yet—these only show on TU report

1 Chargeoff from 2010 of $ 700 (can I somehow get this off my account? It’s only reporting to EQ)

6 CC at 53% Util

1 car loan

All payments have been on time

My oldest account is 8 years

AAoA is 4 1/2 years


I’m working on getting my utilization down more.

Any suggestions on my chances for getting FHA approved? Also, what should I concentrate on most for bringing up those scores–utilization??

Thanks so much–I’ve received much hope from these forums!


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