Oooopppps Capital One – Venture goofed up on rewards payout

Oooopppps Capital One – Venture goofed up on rewards payoutOooopppps Capital One – Venture goofed up on rewards payout
GoodvinLels asked 3 years ago

I had 24,010 miles left over after I recently bought a roundtrip airfare ticket worth about $ 300. Anyway, was thinking of what to do with the remaining miles and decided to get some Saks gift cards since I have other free air travel lined up lol. I redeemed 20,000 for a $ 200 GC and was left with 4,010 miles. I then used another 2500 miles for a $ 25 Saks GC. However, the system was still saying I had 4010 miles left over. Smiley SurprisedSmiley FrustratedConfused, I refreshed the page, exited, and went back to the rewards page but it still said 4010 miles left. I then said why not and used another 2500 miles for another $ 25 GC to see what would happen and it allowed me. After that, it said I have 1510 miles left, which is right and should have been after the 2nd GC was redeemed. Shortly after, I receive 3 seperate order confirmation emails from Cap1 confirming my redemptions.


$ 550 (including my $ 25 glitch bonus lol) for the first year, not a bad payout from Venture at all…..happy!  


Am I giving it back to Cap1? Hell no! I’m saving up for that Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag which is no less than $ 1180 depending on the size Smiley Very HappySmiley LOL


To top it off, Saks has a Womens handbag promotion going on now through 4/30, $ 100 off $ 750, $ 250 of $ 1500, and $ 500 off $ 2500. I think I’ll get it sooner then I think Smiley Happy Plus I get to earn rewards on my newly opened SaksFirst card #Winning


louis-vuitton-neverfull-mm-monogram-canvas-icons--M41177_PM2_Front View.jpg

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