OneMain Financial–advice?

OneMain Financial–advice?OneMain Financial–advice?
TeletraderuSax asked 4 years ago

Hello.  I’m trying to get my house in order because I plan on buying a new car in June/July.  Right now my FICO scores are listed at EQ 682, TU 670, EXP 646.  I’ve been lurking on the boards and have gotten most of my credit report in order that I can.  I do, however, have one outstanding issue– a charged off personal loan with OneMain Financial, the balance is showing at 6695.  DoFD is 12/13.  I have the ability to PIF, but from browsing around I understand OneMain/Citi doesn’t do PFD.  My question to the board is, will this impact my car loan chances if this is still listed as unpaid?  My guess is I could contact them and get a settlement of probably 30-50% of the total owed, but I’m not sure if that will actually benefit me?  My DTI will not be an issue for the loan, I’m just interested in what the underwriters of the loan will care about, my understanding is the manufacturer’s preferred loan provider is Chase.  Obviously I don’t want to 1) Reage the loan or 2) wake a sleeping dragon and get sued

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