One or The Other Chase Card.

One or The Other Chase Card.One or The Other Chase Card.
Warrenseene asked 5 years ago

Hey Board! Silver Spade (first time ever) CreditMagic7 here. I have a decision to make that i like your feedback on it. I’m sure many have went thru this very same thing before but i am very Chase Illiterate and know little to nothing on their procedures.


Simple question but hard decision 4 me right now i think. So Ok here goes. I have the nice Freedom Card ($ 3K) for over 1 year now but with that god awful 22.99% APR (Yuck). I like and use the 5% Categories occasionally and ALWAYS PIF. I know a CLI is all but out of the question without a HP, at least for me, that i’m sure of. Even though i never cart a balance on it there will likely be times when i might but more importantly $ 3K doesn’t offer me much flexibility when it comes to spend on it so i don’t ever charge much on it when i do use it which hasn’t been very often.


Which brings me to the OTHER Chase Card in the CSP ($ 5K). The APR on this card is to me within reason enough, 15.99% but as you all know it also sports a classic $ 95 AF and i really am not that fond of any AF cards since 2 Diner’s Club AF’s are plenty enough to stomach AS IS.


The CSP is a youngling yet and won’t turn 1 year until 2016 so as i see it and if i understand it right, in order to close the one and move the limit to the other right now it would have to go to the CSP. I think i am OK with that in spite of the AF which maybe i can do something about next year.


If i call into Chase to request to make this switch would i need to hit up the Recon Dept or can the regular CSR’s handle it?


See, it’s double jeopardy for me. One card (Freedom) has BOTH a small limit plus sky high APR but useful categories whereas the CSP is a decent card alright with an equally better APR than the Freedom Card only with the AF. I’m thinking i just as well transfer the $ 3K Freedom into the CSP and thus end up with an $ 8K CSP.


Do you think this will slide OK with them? Also question #2 is once this is done what’s the estimation on how long do you have to wait in orer to reapply for the Freedom Card again? Bear in mind that I DID NOT EXERCISE THE BONUS $ 100 OPTION for $ 500 spend on the Freedom Card. So they can’t look at it and say this one is trying to go for another freebie bonus Smiley Very Happy 

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