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oxilazevu asked 5 years ago

Im not sure if there are post like this, but I wanted to make one for those of you who might be interested in an unsecured personal loan from One Main Financial.


I currently have an open account with this company.



-9 times out of 10 you will be approved for your desired amount regardless of your credit score or history.



-The interest rate is incredibly inflated (It compounds daily)

-The Online support is lousy (They just reiterate the steps that are clearly laid out in front of you without offering any real help or support – p.s. I have been unable to log into my account for over a month. I have made numerous calls with no resolution)


Overall Outlook:

Only use one main financial as a last resort. Albeit knowing all of the above I was still in need of the funds and I am greatful for approval. However keep in mind that if I was to only make the payment that was agreed upon more than half of my payment would be to interest! You will get approval but youre going to pay for it. On a positive note. I plan to keep making payments (higher than the actual amount), lower my balance and hopefully get it refinanced through another lending institution. In the mean time as long as my payments are on time my credit scores continue to rise. So its not a lose, lose situation.


If you have any specific quesitons, please feel free to ask.


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