One last baddie proving impossible to deal with!

One last baddie proving impossible to deal with!One last baddie proving impossible to deal with!
richeventtver asked 5 years ago

I had a personal loan through WesBanco, I ended up paying the loan off in full after two years. The only problem is through the two years I had 5 late payments, resulting from being laid off in December 2014. They refused to work with me at all during that time, so I pretty much just let it go, then once I had a job I paid it off in one lump. The account is closed showing 120 days late.


Fast forward I have sent 5 GW letters asking for 1-3 lates or any lates to be removed, numerous phone calls to try as well. Everytime I get this answer ” Since the account is closed, we can’t change anything on a closed account”. I know its BS, out of the 5 GW letters I sent I have recieved zero in return, nor any phone calls. 


This is the only baddie I have left, and I know its holding my score down by at least 150 points. Any chance of just disputing it with the CRA’s, and the bank not responding and them removing the lates? 


Then on TU, there showing 2 extra lates in May and June when the loan was paid in full in April? They won’t budge on that either since its “closed”. 


I think maybe this bank is just unforgiving perhaps? The only reason I wanted these took care of is because a loan officer told me these were stopping me from getting my car refinanced from 18.9% down to at least 12%. He said if they wouldn’t work for me, no car lender would work with me with 5 lates until they fall off in 7 years. 


Any ideas?

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