MerrillSab asked 4 years ago

So I was checking my credit reports and my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw that there was a new reported collection?? One thing I’ve always been diligent about is staying on top of my bills and never letting anything go to collection or late payment. So I called the medical provider and asked them WHY did they put this on my report and they’ve been sending the bills to the wrong address and I never got them. She apologized, gave me a payoff discount and I paid right then. She said she wll contact the collections agency and ask to expedite but I am nervous as crap of what will happen if one of my banks SP me until it comes off. It was reported on Equifax of all places. I don’t know if I should preemptively call them and tell them to situation to avoid AA or if I should lay low, not poke the bear and call them if AA happens and pray they restore my account. I’m really nervous about Chase, BofA and Citi. I doubt Amex will bother those teeny limits but I can’t lose the other three Smiley Sad

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