OLD medical Collections

OLD medical CollectionsOLD medical Collections
Niikolay asked 4 years ago

So i have two old medical bills from when i was a student in college and didn’t have insurance. One is from 2012(ER VISIT) and the other is from 2013(WELLNESS EXAM) i thought those were free….i called the hospital and they told me because the debt was 3 years old that I didn’t qualify for charity care? Is that true, reading on here I don’t believe anyone had a problem with that.  So i’m guessing my next option is to looking into the HIPPA dealio and see what i can do. I also asked if i paid them directly would they recall the debt and they said no -_- and my credit report would just be updated to paid ugh. Trying to get out of the struggle from my college ignorance is so freaking hard. I see all these success stories but it seems like I have the worst luck.

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