Old Installment Car Loans

Old Installment Car LoansOld Installment Car Loans
pavingTarma asked 4 years ago


I have some old car loans on my credit report that are allmost 7 years old. Two of them have several 30 day lates that are from a few years ago. Do these latenesses still effect my credit scores and will these installment loans automatically come off my credit report at 7 years?


I have tried to GW GMC and Ally but they will not remove the lates. I also have some lates that my wife neglected to pay the mortgage payments for 7 months strait and the last late was in April 2015. I have three state tax liens that were released paid last year but I cannot get them removed I was told in Pennsylvania.


I am planning to apply for a mortgage in April or May 2016 and my credit scores are all hovering at 655-667 currently. Any suggesstions on what i can do about the tax liens and the old car installment loans. Should I just wait for them to drop off?



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