Old Auto Loan Due to Drop Off

Old Auto Loan Due to Drop OffOld Auto Loan Due to Drop Off
concoughjincana asked 5 years ago

I have an Auto loan that was paid off in 2009 due to drop off in May of this year.  I was continually showing 30 to 60 days late on payment history.  My question is when this account drops off my report how will it affect my scores?

Credit Scores & Reports : How to Read Credit Reports

monkeywithoutbrain replied 5 years ago

How are 1’s good and 9’s bad when you “say the higher the number the better
the score”?

Sohail Bombaywala replied 5 years ago

I would have hoped you would have displayed some CR and got us to
understand what COLLACCT and Satis and all the other things mean. Thanks!

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