Ok gurus i need some help

Ok gurus i need some helpOk gurus i need some help
dwEts asked 4 years ago

i have been fighting with midland for 6 months over this collection and today they responded again with “if i dont like it take it up with the credit reporting agencies” basically telling me to go f myself in a letter and its not their problem.


I just recieved a copy of my credit report today. I wanted to make sure i got it DIRECTLY from the CRA before continuing. Heres how it reads



placed for collection 3/18/14

responsibilty- individual account

account type- open

loan type – factoring company account


date updated 11/06/2015

laste payment made 07/09/2015

original amount- $ 484

original creditor-WEBBANK

paystaus- account paid in full

date closed-07/09/2015

date paid-07/09/2015


Now my problem is the account still remains open, and it has the account type as a “factoring company account” 


Am i just reading this wrong? Its my understanding that they cannot be a factoring company as they are a collection agency. And second why do they continue to report the account open. This shows it to look like an open collection on my report altho there is a close date…..i need advise please. This last guys letter was down right rude and told me if i dont like it to bad. 


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