Notification of new apps without freeze?

Notification of new apps without freeze?Notification of new apps without freeze?
NetMiner007 asked 4 years ago

Not sure if I want to do a freeze on my credit reports, but I would like to get notifcation in case anyone else were to app for something in my name. I’m canceling myfico because reporting is too slow, and have Experian Credit Tracker but will probably only keep that another few months.



Options? My card was compromised a short while ago, and then last week a priority package that had some identifying info (docs from IRS with last 4 of social, a couple new credit cards, and credit card PIN numbers from different cards) has gone missing from the post office.  Worse yet, it was on the truck to be delivered locally and suddenly “disappered” , so it’s not as if it was lost in transit far away or anything.  IT was already on the truck and suddenly the carrier has no idea where it is? Hm.


Not fun. I don’t think the package had full identifying info inside but want to cover all my bases. Not happy with the USPS at this moment as they don’t seem to care.


I ordered new PIN numbers and took care of that end of it, but worries about my name, last4 of social, etc being out there. Would prefer not to do a whole freeze. Could I not just block new apps instead?


I would not have thought that the one could happen right after the other, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. 

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