Not sure how to proceed…

Not sure how to proceed…Not sure how to proceed…
KiffEmpappy asked 4 years ago

Same old story: I fell on hard times and really screwed up my credit. My sister was diagnosed with cancer and I moved in to help… She’s finally recovering but it really took a toll on my finances. I was in the middle of rebuilding and everything just fell apart.


i currently have the following accounts on my credit reports:

Cap1 Chargeoff – paid/settled $ 500

Cap1 Chargeoff – paid in full to Portfolio Recovery Associates $ 1125

Cap1 secured card – credit limit: $ 200, 25% utilized, current 

Santander Consumer Auto Loan (I know they’re awful) – ~$ 13,000 left, current and in good standing 

USAA secured Amex card – closed in good standing, it was a secured card and I ended up closing it to cash out the cd. $ 550

Wells Fargo CC Chargeoff – $ 133 unpaid 

Portfolio Recovery Associates – closed collections, from Cap1 account above $ 1125

First Premier CC Chargeoff, ~$ 700 unpaid 

Netloan (student loans) – ~$ 5500, current and in good standing 


The Cap1 chargeoffs are about 3 years and 5 years respectively, the WF Chargeoff was 3 years ago and everything else is recent. My current credit scores according to CK and CS are at ~505.


I figure I should tackle that WF account with a PFD first, since it’s small.  The chargeoffs are daunting, though. I saw that people dispute them via BBB and the Attorney General… How do you go about that? I looked at the BBB site and see that I can fill out a complaint but what kind of details do you include and do you need to reference specific legal jargon? 


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