No mortgage hurts???

No mortgage hurts???Author "josephimips"No mortgage hurts???
JosephImips asked 5 years ago

I recently apped and was approved for a Venture card. It was an online preapproval from the Cap1 site. I was also pre-approved for QS (I already have one) so I figured I would do the Back to Back thing and try to get both on a single HP. Venture first, approved…QS immediately thereafter…7-10 day. Got the secure email yesterday. Denial was for no mortgage information available from EX. Huh? I don’t have a mortgage because I own my property outright! That’s like telling me that I have to have a mortgage to qualify for a CC. I would think that someone who doesn’t have a rent or mortgage payment would be a better risk. Funny that they approved the Venture card with the same information.

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