NFCU Waiting Game ??

NFCU Waiting Game ??NFCU Waiting Game ??
richeventvladimir asked 4 years ago

So I apped yesterday for NFCU nRewards card — I have been denied 3x since springtime when I joined, when scores were under 600 (around 570s), so understandably.  Did their secured card for 6 months, then closed when I started getting much bigger CLs unsecured .. Yesterday, TU hit 662 FICO 8 and 645 FICO 04 (30% UTIL, no derogs left), so I pulled the trigger.  They agreed to pull TU since my EQ is frozen due to issues on it.. 


They took the app over the phone, then the UW told the credit rep that my scredit score looked good, but I had to send income verification in and asked about my monthly payment on my student loans ($ 400).  The UW could not decision the app and forwarded it to a supervising UW, because I am a self employed nurse and had to send bank statements — I make a different amount each month, depending on case load.  Some months I make $ 3500, others over $ 10,000.  This is reflected in my statements.  


So has anyone ever had to wait and wait for NFCU to approve a CC ?  I am used to instant approvals or instant denials — which at least ive gotten this far??  I dont want to wait forever to be declined, but I’m confident  and most seem to agree they doubt they would have me send in all info just to say nah — I just want to make sure this “Review in Process” is a normal process?  Who else has gone through it with NFCU for a CC?  Were you approved or denied?  Patience is a virtue I need to find Smiley Very Happy  Thank you all !

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