NFCU Member Application In – Apply for CC Upon Approval?

NFCU Member Application In – Apply for CC Upon Approval?NFCU Member Application In – Apply for CC Upon Approval?
Mjuterbof asked 4 years ago

This is a bit of a question as much as it is a small amount of update/vent!!


From what I’ve gathered from myFICO forums, NFCU will use the same hard pull used for member application on a product they offer within the thirty days. Can anyone attest to this as of recently? It won’t hurt my feelings if I can’t do such an activity, as I’ve wanted to be in with NFCU for their mortgage rates in the future and car loan rates. Doesn’t hurt to be part of the largest credit union in the county!


(My late grandfather’s DD214 was my key into this CU, I have no family members to my knowledge active with them, so after my aunt found his DD214 buried in his mountains of papers he kept, finding it and learning about his time in the military was really a nice experience for me!)


I’m looking to get a card that can be used in a “bit of a pinch” situation, so I’d be going for their low interest credit card, my FICO 08 scores right now are:

TU 772

EX 749

EQ 729


I’m still pending status for my application, awaiting funds to transfer from my bank account, I applied Sunday morning around 2a on the phone with a VERY helpful CSR and said I should expect a call no later than Wednesday this week, at which point I will ask them about the card with the same hard pull.



Beyond all this, after consolidating all my credit debt with Prosper, my scores have been skyrocketing as my cards have reported their $ 0 balances! (My loan hasn’t reported yet, so that’ll effect me in a month or so! I’m just living in a bit of glory with my scores getting so high! TU is up over 80 points!) Capital One converted my old QS1 card to a VentureOne and gave me a CLI from $ 3k to $ 5k and I’m using the card responsibly, buying groceries/gas/utilities and paying it off, just reaping the benefits of the miles!


I may be able to get myself to apply for an AmEx as they have pre-approved me for a few of their cards, I just don’t know which I’d like to go after! But the NFCU low APR card is a “must have” just in case financial situation changes! In the last 12 months I’ve only had 3 pulls on my report, including the one NFCU will do so I’m doing well!

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