Newbie trying to clean up credit

Newbie trying to clean up creditNewbie trying to clean up credit
MichaelApash asked 5 years ago

Hello everyone, I am new to all this and have some questions… I am working to fix my husband’s score so that we can purchase a home soon. Our current score is high 500’s  to low 600’s depending on i guess who you ask…. we applied for a home loan with our bank last year around this time and was denied for not having enough current accounts and too many negative accounts. At the time our scores from the bank were – EXPN 621, EQFX 565, and TU 586. we pulled our scores at two locations recently. We did a 3 bureau report thru experian and received scores of EXPN 581, EQFX 573, and TU 604. We signed up for credit monitoring with Identity Guard to start fixing our credit and received scores of EXPN 620, EQFX 604, and TU 623. We aren’t sure which of these are indeed the most accuarate… Also when we pulled our report and truly looked at it I saw some things that confused me… one example is that we have some medical bills that are being reported under CA with EXPN but are reported under OC with TU and EQFX. Also I see a medical bill being reported twice on TU they have the same price but different dates. The price is high so i find it hard to believe it is too different incidents.A credit card we have are reporting different amounts on the different CRA . Are any of these things disputable? Should I do DV letters or start with PTD and PIF letters? I have read about including a NDA in my letters to prevent CA of being able to verify with CRA so that later i can get them removed from report.Does this tactic work? sorry so many questions but we really want to get this debt gone, we have 12 negatives on our account.

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