Newbie needs help!!!

Newbie needs help!!!Newbie needs help!!!
richeventvladimir asked 5 years ago

So I’ve been lurking here for weeks trying to gather information on my journey to rebuilding my credit. Being young and naive, I made some mistakes during my early years. Mainyly what I’m looking for is some guidance on my next steps to clearing up my report. I’ve started off with pulling my credit reports from Credit Karma just to see a general idea of where I stand regarding my accounts. For TU I currently have two collection items. One with Bull City for an old medical bill (I contacted the CA and have a PFD scheduled for next week). The other is with BYL SVC for and old apartment last month rent payment. I have not yet contacted this CA because I wanted to attempt a PFD for a lesser amount than owed since it is a good chunk of money. If they need full payment for a PFD I could do that within a few weeks. On the EFX report I have four collection items listed. The same two as TU, plus one from Penn Credit Corp which is an old Dominion acct. The thing with this one is that it is reporting a balance of $ 458 which I actually paid directly to the OC. I contacted Dominion and they said they would pull the account back from the CA. What I want to know is if this will result in the collection being completely deleted since Dominion never reported it on my CR at all. The fourth collection on EFX is an old paid AMO Recoveries collection. Just want to know how to proceed with getting this completely deleted. 



Other items I need info on besides the collections is on the “remarks” section of the report. First off, do creditors see this section or is it just for us when we pull our own reports? If creditors see it, is there any way to get these removed? 


Next, most of my accounts are from student loans. I currently have 18 listed…14 of these are federal student loans that were all closed when I did a consolidation, so they are reporting as closed-transferred. Has anyone had success with getting these removed? The remaining revolving student loans I have…2 are current never late…the other are the combined loans that were consolidated with Cornerstone. This one is currently 149+ days late, I talked to them this week and they agreed to approve my forbearance request for lower payments and they said they would update as current. Does this mean my lates are cleared?  


Sorry for the lengthy post but I’ve seen good feedback on these forums and just hope you all can assist me. Thanks! 

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