New to credit cards, need advice on Discover cards

New to credit cards, need advice on Discover cardsNew to credit cards, need advice on Discover cards
ilbon777 asked 4 years ago

Hi, Im 26 and recently decided to try to get into increasing my credit score and history.  So, my score is 675, but the things that count against me are my credit age, only 2 years and two months, total accounts only 6 for transunion, 9 for equifax, and a stupid collections account for 53 dollars that is long paid off (damn hospital sent bill for medical supplies to the wrong address, but I guess that’s my fault, right?) .  Some of my accounts are an auto loan, the rest being student debt besides my secure card.  My secure card I just got from my bank, wells fargo, and I have yet to even have a complete billing cycle on it, so my credit report doesn’t show any history on it yet.

I have Credit Karma, and it says I have a Very Good* chance of getting a Discover Chrome card.  I’m eager to build credit, as I’m trying to get a house sometime after next year, but I don’t want to put another inquiry on my report that’s going to get me no where.  Do you guys think I actually have a very good chance of getting that card, or should I play it save and only apply for Discover’s secure card?

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