new neg TL’s? wth

new neg TL’s? wthnew neg TL’s? wth
GoodvinLels asked 3 years ago

Very Confused on what is going on here with a Student Loan tradline ( now tradlines)


I had defaulted on my student loan in 2015, there was only 1 tradline reporting which included 2 seperate loans since 2008.

This TL is now deaulted, showing $ 0 Balance and status “120+ Deliq”


I called the CA to enter into the rehab program 2 weeks ago, we agreed on a monthly payment plan for rehabilitation.


As of yesterday, 2 additional tralines showed up on my reports for the 2 loans as seperate tradelines??


They are marked as open from 2008, on time payments from 2008 to 2016 then noted as CA for marchs payment. Both have no current status??


So now I have 3 Tradelines reporting… is this right? someone please explain what is going on here



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