New House— need card for appliance purchases…..

New House— need card for appliance purchases…..New House— need card for appliance purchases…..
ilbon777 asked 4 years ago

Hi guys, so looks like we’ll be closing and have to make some expenditures on new appliances soon.


I want to apply for and get a card with a pretty high balance (like 8000), and am wondering which one I should target.  I’ve got three cards currently and I’ve been using them to raise my scores by loweirng overall utilization.   I have a Cap One Quicksilver with a 3K limit (that is with a new CLI from $ 1 to $ 3K), a local credit union card with a $ 500 limit, and a Predator One (opps, Credit One) card with a $ 500 balance.


I have zero dollar balance on the two toy cards, and an $ 82 balance on teh Cap One card.


My current Fico scores are all hovering around 675.  With the new mortgage, they’ll prob. be affected one way or the other….. unsure. 


But in any event, if someone has a suggestion for me on a new card that will help me along with appliances and also building, that would be great.  Once I get this magical new card, I’ll get rid of the Credit One card.




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