New here. Need help..

New here. Need help..New here. Need help..
richeventrzn asked 5 years ago

First of all, thanks to everyone who posts here. I’ve been learning as I’ve been lurking. Now I’m jumping in so that I too can have a successful rebuilding credit story. I have collections on my credit reports and don’t know where to start. On TU I have 3 open, 1 closed-PIF. EQ shows 7, 2-PIF. Of the 5 total (I’m using EQ since I have more baddies there), 3 are medical, one is the dreaded T-Mobile ERC, and the last is one for Lowes Foods. My issue is that the medical ones (totaling $ 392) and the Lowes Foods one are in the hands of a collection agency I cannot find any information for…it shows NTERCCOLL on my credit report. I think I’ve read that I would likely have more PFD luck with the medical bills. Can I contact the doctors office directly for that or do I have to try to find this agency since I need to pay them the $ 41 dollars for Lowes Foods as well? 


And me as for TMobile, the account was sent to ERC on 7/5/09. It shows opened on my credit report on 11/22/13 and last reported on 10/19/14. I’m not sure if any of this matters but I know there are people here who can help guide me on what to do first. 


My my credit history is only 3 months old. 1 secured card. Pre-qualified for QS1 but didn’t pull trigger. 

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