New guy here looking for answers

New guy here looking for answersNew guy here looking for answers
ivusanaxo asked 4 years ago

about 3 months ago a old sprint bill showed up on my credit report I owe them $ 500 a collection agency contact me and said if I paid them $ 250 they would close the collection I’m not worried about closing I want to have it removed off my credit report should I just go into sprint and pay the $ 500 would that remove the collection completely since I didn’t go through a middleman or should I try to contact the credit agency pay them the 250 and see if they will remove it from all three of my credit reports another question is inquiries I am trying to find out how to remove inquiries someone told me to contact Lexington Law Firm and they will take care the collection bill with Sprint in inquiries I have about 2 months before I go to purchase my car and I want to remove as much as I can

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