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Terrykiz asked 5 years ago

The market in our area is insane. Most houses are selling within a couple of days after being listed if not before they even get them listed with multiple offers. Our plan is to begin looking to buy the beginning of next year as I need to get our 2016 taxes submitted to raise my self employment income average. We prefer new construction and according to local realtors builders can’t build houses fast enough to keep up with demand so it will most likely be hard to find what we are looking for with the shortage of homes for sale. I’m thinking we might end up needing to go to a builder and have a custom home built but I have no idea how that process works. I originally planned on going FHA and will have 3.5% to put down. Is this possible with having a custom home built?  I really just need some guidance on the home building process and also when we should start looking. I’ve read that it takes 6 weeks after submitting a tax return for the transcript to be available. I should have our taxes filed by Feb 1st so would we need to wait 6 weeks from that date before starting the process?

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