New Citi ThankYou Premier 50k offer, design, rewards

New Citi ThankYou Premier 50k offer, design, rewardsNew Citi ThankYou Premier 50k offer, design, rewards
MagTarma asked 6 years ago

The Citi ThankYou Premier has been completely revamped. New design, much like the Citi Prestige, new rewards structure (3x on Travel and Gas, 2x Dining and Entertainment), and an offer of 50,000 ThankYou points for $ 3,000 spend in 3 months. Annual fee is $ 95, waived for the first year. From the pricing and info page, it looks like it will be offered as both a World (Elite?) MasterCard and a Visa Signature card.


RFID Credit Card Chip Extracated For Your Viewing Pleasure

Erica Shepard replied 6 years ago

Sad that people are literally brainwashed and you seen with your own eyes
these cards have tracking devices,yet y’all ridicule this man for showing
truth.either y’all are mindless dumb sapps,or afraid of the truth which
ever it is get your brains evaluated or you will be doomed

Amendoim Almeida replied 6 years ago

It is a microchip, I know it sounds strange but it can draw energy from the
antenna and send information to very short distances. So yeah the antenna
actually has more than 1 functionality in this case because as you can see
the card does not have any battery… RFID chips are powered by local EM

Gerry Michael replied 6 years ago

well, i think your cellphone is more trackable than this.

50flamingbottles replied 6 years ago

No reason why it can’t be in you driver’s licence card as well.

modified lanning replied 6 years ago
Christopher Love replied 6 years ago

Can I toss the card but keep the chip and still purchase things? Or can I
implant the chip into my girl and track her down? Lmao jk! 

Renny Dizarie replied 6 years ago
xfire7 replied 6 years ago

If you have a detector loop with enough power you could trace people as
they moved about. Oh whoops there you go!

S1ck Pr0duct1on5 replied 6 years ago

wow, the mark of the beast right in front of your face…

fractalDesign replied 6 years ago

best thing is cash in pocket

Mrlz56 replied 6 years ago

If you don’t want to be tracked by your card lay it on a flat surface. Take
a hammer and wack the spot a few times. Just don’t mess up the magnetic
strip and you’re good to go.

Brian B replied 6 years ago

oh no it’s the NEW WORLD ORDER

Bear 113 replied 6 years ago

As long as the chip isn’t in my body, I guess can live with it in my
pocket. When I walk down the street drooling and blubbering my lips with my
finger those dang Fed’s don’t never bother me, an them critters in them
flyin dishes hain’t never bothered me much, septen when I go heavy on the
jug. You know, I thinks they track me with them pocket chips cause they
sure do like to party when I hit the joy juice.

cnguyen616 replied 6 years ago

Good Job. Keep it Up ! Thank you .

rifleboypa replied 6 years ago

you can request cards without RFID chips if you do not want it..

mw3051 replied 6 years ago

i remove these from the cards then implant them into my geneticly modified
monsters that i use to fight godzilla with.

KeroGaming replied 6 years ago

How much does it cost?
What does it called?

Matt Damon replied 6 years ago

Looks like you better destroy your cell phone too

Death The kid replied 6 years ago

All LE women have heartattacks watching this like

Mara Gossep replied 6 years ago

My mastercard’s chip was getting very lose by itself, and only had one side
connected to the card. I removed it, and then tried the card in a terminal.
It was rejected, even though it’s (still) the magnetic strip which is the
primary access point for terminals.

Illumation Streambutler replied 6 years ago

Put it under a microscope

Steve Chering replied 6 years ago

How about super gluing the chip to a pigeon? And then you can say..look!
I’ve never even been to the Himalayas! 

Tru Mctru replied 6 years ago

if you remove that chip and leave the strip undamaged same way as he did in
the video…. Does the card still work without that chip ?

Azri'el Collier replied 6 years ago

The RFID chip comes in two forms. One is activated and hold specific
information and is powered when a reading unit is put in close proximity to
it. The other type is a “powered” chip that has a chemical battery on it’s
back and can continuously transmit data for up to 100 yards. If you make a
flat coil of thin transformer wire on a piece of paper and then hook it up
to a multi meter that measures milliamps and place it over the suspect
chip, you will find out if it is a self powered unit or not. A larger coil
that is hooked to a spark gap that has a low number picofarad capacitor
across the spark gap and place the coil over the chip and then fire up the
spark gap, you will produce a low power EMP that will disable the device. 

steven antal replied 6 years ago

Goes it have gold content? I’ll recycle the heck out of those things.

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