New Chase SP and/or AMEX BCE approval odds

New Chase SP and/or AMEX BCE approval oddsNew Chase SP and/or AMEX BCE approval odds
linaitame asked 4 years ago

Hello All,


New to the forums here. I’m about to start a new job that requires a much longer commute and I’m looking at getting a new credit card with rewards to use on gas and dinning out. Currently I only have one card, a capital one secured with a measly $ 500 limit. I messed up my credit back in college and I’ve used this to rebuild my scores. I checked with Chase and Amex pre-qual sites and they’ve matched me with Chase Freedom and Saphire Preferred as well as BCE respectively.  My current credit profile is pretty small, only one account (cap one) with 28 months history, no derragatory,  zero late payments, and 6% utilization. I usually pay off my balance in full every month but lately I’ve been leaving a few dollars on there just to show a tiny balance. Any idea of my chances of getting approved for any of these cards? I’d rather not take a hard inquirey just to get denied. 


Current Scores: 

EQ 774, 0 inq

TU 778, 2 inq (2 realtors checked me in NOV 2014 when I moved)

EX 785, 1 inq (Aug 2014)


Zero debt with around 65k annual income


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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