Negotiating on New Construction

Negotiating on New ConstructionNegotiating on New Construction
asked 4 years ago

I’m thinking we are going to end up building through Centex in a local neighborhood. After going to look at their model homes last weekend and going over the upgrade options we can get something we would be happy with that is within our price range. They are offering $ 5,000 towards closing cost when you use their in house lender but I’m wondering if there is any room for price negotiation when building. We would not be using a realtor so I’m curious to know if it might be possible to get some upgrade credit since the builder doesn’t have to pay a buyer’s agent commission. 


We originally planned to wait til the beginning of next year to get pre approved so that I could use 2016’s income to average in with 2015 (I’m self employed) but was told by the in house lender today that we could start the building process in August/September and they would use a current P&L statement for my business to estimate 2016 income and would wait to verify my income once tax returns are filed the beginning of next year.


Any feedback on negotiation or advice on building with a national builder like Centex would be greatly appreciated! 

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