Need Suggestions Please

Need Suggestions PleaseNeed Suggestions Please
Bsaiierapi asked 4 years ago

I’ve made great strides in cleaning up my husband’s credit reports since we’ve started rebuilding in late January.  He didn’t have a lot of things on his report to begin with.  These are the baddies that are left:


1) Stellar Recovery (Comcast) $ 910-There’s a plan in place for this one and hopefully, it will be taken care of by the end of the month.


2) LVNV -Paid & Closed Collection.  This one is a huge mess with a CO Fingerhut account.  Current working a BBB complaint.  


That’s all the collections.  Here are the late payments & COs.


1)  Cap One- 2 late payments listed.  This was paid in full and closed by my husband.  GW letter sent to CEO for late removals and awaiting a response.


2)  Department of Veteran’s Affairs-These were GI Bill Overpayments.  Both are paid in full and listed that way.  Dates on these is 12/12.  Denied GW and probably will just have to live with these since I haven’t read any instances of anyone having luck removing these.


3)  Seventh Avenue CO.  Paid through their collection agency in full.  CA is not listed on reports and Seventh Avenue recently updated to show $ 0 balance.  Sent a GW and awaiting a response.  


4)  Fingerhut Fresh Start CO-The other part of the LVNV mess.  Shows $ 0 balance.  Listed as a CO.  Haven’t tried to GW this yet.  


5)  Grand Furniture.  This is a paid in full account but there are several late payments on it.  Tried to GW but they denied.  The crazy thing is that with this account we bought furniture once and paid that one in full.  Then we went and purchased additional furniture several times.  They gave all of these transactions the same account number.  Instead of just updating the balance on the one tradeline.  They paid and closed several of them on my husband’s credit report.  HIs report has Grand Furniture listed 8 different times!  7 of those show paid and close but the last one has late payments.  The balance on the one with the late payments shows as the limit the amount of all the furniture we ever purchased from them.  I don’t know where to go from here on this one.  


6) First Premier Bank CO-This was settled for less than full last Feb before we even thought about rebuilding.  There were reporting a balance still on his EX report but I emailed a dispute and they assured me there were reporting correct.  Afterwards I noticed that they changed his EX to a $ 0 balance so they must have done that after the email I sent.  




I’ve managed to get 5 things removed so far.  As for positives he has Discover It Secured and Captial One Secured.  Car loan from a local bank purchased last April no lates.  And two student loans no lates currently in school deferment.  We’ve had trouble obtaining unsecured cards for him so I added him as an AU on one of mine for a third.  I know that isn’t ideal but we didn’t want to put more cash into secured cards at the moment.  HIs current EX score is 585 which dropped 25 points from 609 yesterday.  He’s gained about 50 points overall since late January so I’m pretty happy with that even though the 25 point drop is a disappointment.  



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