Need some help rebuilding. HELP ME REACH MY GOAL!

Need some help rebuilding. HELP ME REACH MY GOAL!Need some help rebuilding. HELP ME REACH MY GOAL!
richeventvladimir asked 5 years ago

Hey Guys, I’m currently in a bad place right now with credit. And need some guidance i would like to be close to 600’s for all three.


Current Fico 398 / 412 / 431

Previous Fico  499 / 512 / 515 Prior to auto loan attemp.


I Set my self a goal for late October to obtain a $ 26k auto loan with a decent rate.  Little run down This month i ran my credit a total of 5 times at different dealers to obtain this loan for a certain vehicle i want. I Would be approved but with a 21% APR! Now I’m not saying i deserve 0% not even 8% but i would settle for 10 to 14% APR


Now on to the nitty gritty.


Two credit cards currently have a 91% Utilization  


Both have been 30 days late Smiley Embarassed


Capital One Platnium W/ $ 750 Limit Currently At $ 712 Balance

Capital One Secured W/ $ 200 Limit Currently at $ 136 Balance


Previous Auto Loan


was a 36 Month Lease W/ A Co-Signer At Audi 14 Months In car was hit by a drunk driver while parked and was deemed totaled.


13 Perfect Payments 1 30 day late. Smiley Embarassed


Derogatory Marks


1 From Verizon Wireless for $ 1360 THATS NOT MINE! i’ve been reporting this for ages and no luck might just start to pay it off.



I Need some help guys like should i try to open more accounts? if so which one? credit cards are going to be paid off to 3% by the next two weeks.




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