Need Some Hand Holding

Need Some Hand HoldingNeed Some Hand Holding
AshleyHaumn asked 4 years ago

Long story short, like several others, I was laid off in 2009. I’ve spent the past couple of years trying to keep my head above water. I finally feel like I’ve got my footing back. I spent those years exploring different career options.


Looking back, the lay off ended up doing what I should have had the courage to do: Take a risk, cut the string, walk away because I wasn’t happy there anyhow.


I have 3 specific issues/situations that I need guidance on:


1) I have a few student loans that became difficult to keep up with because of the various guarantors of the accounts and being sold and transferred etc. I have 3 in particular, that were transferred to specific company that hasn’t granted deferment like the others and are reporting past due. I don’t even know where to start to fix the student loan situation. 




2) Verizon reported a collections account that was completely wrong. I had several billing issue when I had their service. They reported over $ 800. After they sent me in several different circles. They finally agreed to do an investigation/research. I did not want to make any payments until they corrected their mistakes. After their investigation they found that I never agreed to or was told about a 2-year contract. Low and behold, there was no phone call recording of me ever agreeing or being told that I was under a two-year contract. They acknowledged the error were forced to correct the balance now…. $ 285 My online profile is still active and it appears that I can still pay them online. What should be my next course of action now that the amount is corrected?


3) AT&T reported a collection amount of around $ 100 on an old account and sent it to an outside collection agency. I was curious and called AT&T automated system and followed the prompts and it allowed me to make a payment on their automated system. What should be my next course of action to attempt removing this collection from my credit report? 

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