Need some advice – PRA

Need some advice – PRANeed some advice – PRA
richeventtver asked 4 years ago

I have 2 paid charge offs with PRA. I paid these about a year ago (Before I knew about PFD). Back in February when I got serious about cleaning my credit up I  disputed these. They were showing “Open” not closed. They had zero balance but were listed as Open and did not say paid. Now, in March PRA fell off my TU but not EX or EQ. Then a few days later the other two CR’s reported “closed” and “paid – less than amount…” Now for both March and April they are updating the monthly with “Failed to make payment” status. I’ve lost 30 points recently which has pushed me under 600 now. How should I handle this. Should I send a letter with a copy of the receipt from PRA for each account to both EX and EQ?

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