NetMiner007 asked 4 years ago

HI everyone i need solution on my desition  i need you opinion the Good and Bad thank


Ok this is what i want to do, i want to pay off all my collection and one charge-off of my CRs 


1 Charge-off is still report on my CR as OC every mouth from 2011 is $ 761.00 i settler for $ 500.00 we out delete


2 2 collection from one 561.00 settlers for 400 and the other 851.00 settler for $ 500.00 out delete 


3 2 collection for 119 each total 238.00 this i have to pay in full by this CA not accept PFD so total 238.00 



Ok all this account is report on my CR every month, if i pay all off what is the good on my CS and what is the Bad  My score is can go up or is going down 


thank you for all you help:smileywink:

Best Credit Repair Service in New York: REMOVING IRS TAX LIENS VIDEO

Timothy Holston replied 4 years ago

This guy knows his stuff calling them Monday!

Fix Credit Easy replied 4 years ago

Informative video, and it looks like the help if affordable as well.

Puckett Alice replied 4 years ago

I need this!

Richard Wright replied 4 years ago

Great video!

Harold Richardson replied 4 years ago

I wished I would’ve seen this a few years ago, probably could’ve saved
allot of money.

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