Need Help, Riddled with Anxiety

Need Help, Riddled with AnxietyNeed Help, Riddled with Anxiety
Niikolay asked 5 years ago

Please Bare with me while I tell this story and explain myself.  I had always had credit in the upper 6s and low 7s.  I was in my late 20s, (28-29) when my fathers contracting business finally went under due to the economy.  He had a side business as a firearms instructor, but that would not cover the bills.  He took a job as a part time employee at a local military base range as an instructor, but working for minimum wage it wasnt covering the bills either.  My mother is only a teacher assistant.  Growing up they were always upper middle class and now suffering.  My sister and I stepped in to help.  I began working a lot of part time (im a cop so we always have that side job) and got a loan to pay my fathers truck off and began paying their mortgage along with mine.  Next, my major part time job (45 an hour) ended and I was stuck with more bills then I could afford.  I worked as much as I could but part time and overtime fell off.  I always knew not to live off of part time / overtime but I took a chance to help my parents and keep my little sister in college.  Needless to say, I sold my truck and have eliminated nearly 10k in debt.  I have roughly 2-3k left which is great beacuse I see the light at the end of tunnel.  Im capable of saving almost 1k a month, if not more due to my awesome girlfriend living with me.  Heres the deal, I am at a point now where I will be needing a new truck this winter.  I have a dream truck, the one I sold.  I also ran a side business of debris hauling and such and need a 3/4-1 ton diesel to complete this.  I want to get started again with it, but slowly go bigger, so I need a truck capable to grow.  I just pulled my transunion and it sat at 580.  Other then paying everything off soon, I aquired a new credit card and plan to use it for little things like fuel or food, things I would spend money on anyways and pay it off every two weeks.  Is there anything else I can do to get my credit up sooner then later?

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