Need advice on what to apply for

Need advice on what to apply forNeed advice on what to apply for
Melvinmon asked 5 years ago

I figure I’m going to app for a few more cards before May, at this point I’m having trouble finding cards to apply for. Citi and BoA are out (though I just applied for the Home Depot card), so I was looking for advice for those who know about more cards than I do :smileyhappy:


Not to sound rude but I’m only looking for card recommendations, not advice on how I shouldn’t apply for anything unless I need it or any other type of advice. I’m aware of these things, but I’m still going to apply, so there!


I have:


1. Cap 1 Quicksilver (2) 3.5k, 3k

2. Cap 1 Venture One – 3k

3. Cap 1 Venture – 10k

4. Cap 1 BuyPower card – 500

5. Chase Freedom – 3.7k

6. Chase Amazon – 500

7. Chase Slate – 500

8. Amex ED – 1k

9. Amex BCE – 1k

10. Discover IT – 500

11. PayPal Extras – 250

12. Amazon store – 5k

13. Walmart store – 5k


I recently closed/have no interest in/got denied for:


1. Barclays Rewards MC

2. Sallie Mae

3. Citi TY Preferred

4. BoA Cash Rewards

5. BoA BBR

6. Cap 1 Platinum Prestige





Information you’ll prob need to help recommend a card:


1. Inquiries are 18/14/15 for EX/EQ/TU respectively, and 14/8/10 over the past six months

2. AAoA is 4 years for TU and 6 years for EX/EQ – Six old student loans fell off TU recently but not the other two

3. 11 new accounts opened in the past 6 months

4. One settled WF auto loan on all three reports – 5 years old in July

5. One 90 day late payment on Sallie Mae student loans on all three reports – 6 years old next month

6. One charge off and one collection account on EQ, these two accounts have dropped off EX and TU

7. Salary 38k



Many things going against me but I want to try a few more cards before the end of the month, I’d also like to apply for these cards in the next day or two before five new accounts hit my reports. My scores in my sig are still accurate. I’m looking for cards that are useful and somewhat easy to get, in other words lenders who aren’t scared away by the number of recent inquiries and accounts I’ve opened. Also, should I take another stab at the Venture? I was approved for 10k in early April, am I even allowed to app for another one so soon?


Any recommendations would be very helpful, thanks for reading.

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