need advice on options for leasing a vehicle.

need advice on options for leasing a vehicle.need advice on options for leasing a vehicle.
Boschpvp asked 4 years ago

Hello new to myfico, thinking this may be a great resource for some advice.

Looking for advice or options to look into to fix the following problem in the most efficient and factually possible way: recently purchased a new vehicle but also needing one for wife * she has no real income no to thin credit* were in our mid 20’s.

Monthly income 5200-5600 *myself
Fixed expenses including recent car purchase = > 1000$ (truck payment is 520 a month + 140 for insurance) cell phone 150 utilities covered and home was inherited.
Credit score 620 ‘s.
Score is low due to past charged off accounts six years ago for two accounts less than 2,000$
Previous auto loan 1 year old no missed or late payments.
1 credit card less than 30% utilization paid every month for the last year

Auto loan for truck is about 34,000 for a crew cab silverado financed through Ally.

I am looking for the best option in being to obtain another less expensive vehicle for my not legally married girlfriend/wife that has no reportable income and only 6 month credit profile of on time payments from a secured credit card I have opened and payed for.

I am looking to either lease another late model vehicle or take over a lease swap if either of those two options are realistic. I would have approx 2,000-3000 cash to put into a down payment. I am just wondering if it’s even worth a shot since I have only just purchased and financed a 35,000$ loan.
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Heather T replied 4 years ago

DOUBLE DIGIT!!!! 10!!!

SuperMarkerComicBro replied 4 years ago

if you can’t sing along to this song, you need to watch more tv.

Azumanga8Daioh replied 4 years ago

best commerical ever XD

karateshayne replied 4 years ago

and 9th

karateshayne replied 4 years ago

and 8th

iluvmypuddycat replied 4 years ago

@ItsABreeThing He can speak English, but he has a Canadian French accent.

Stormin Norman replied 4 years ago

Omg they are so young here

griff146 replied 4 years ago

1st comment XD

Nick7690 replied 4 years ago

THEYRE BACKKKKKKK!!! LOOK IT UP!!! Just saw their new commercial!

bling89619 replied 4 years ago

4th comment ROX!!

Shadowking58 replied 4 years ago

i remember when i would see this commerical once every day, i miss this
band… my favorites were “new car”, this one, and “dreamgirl”

Ryan Fluharty replied 4 years ago

this one is mai favorite =]

XxYusefRulesxX replied 4 years ago


Alexthetamagrl replied 4 years ago

5th? who ever came up with these commercials are soo cool! lol!

lovelykali replied 4 years ago


MasterAdam100 replied 4 years ago

That old woman needs to continue eating and stop giving people the eye.

karateshayne replied 4 years ago


spazzyjoe0 replied 4 years ago

LOL! last night i was at a barmitzva and these two guys sang this song and

Ryan Fluharty replied 4 years ago

BTW 13th and 14th

askaterboy1 replied 4 years ago

There finally back

kattelyn92 replied 4 years ago

I love the old lady!

tkaa replied 4 years ago

12th love them!

iluvmypuddycat replied 4 years ago

Does anyone know who voices over Eric Violette in this version?

Breezy Bree replied 4 years ago

he’s lipsyncing. he’s really french and doesn’t know how t speak english.

ichigoangel75 replied 4 years ago

This was about SIX years ago. It does NOT feel like that long!

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