Need Advice on Fico Score

Need Advice on Fico ScoreNeed Advice on Fico Score
AshleyHaumn asked 4 years ago



I need an expert advice on my credit score. My current FICO score is 726 . I am planning to purchase a home next year ( 2016 March – July ) . I am also planning to purchase a new car this year (if I get a good deal in Nov/Dec sales)


My questions are


  1. How my new car purchase will affect my credit score? Will Fico score go down? If so by how many points?
  2. Is it a good idea to buy a car at this time or should I wait till I bought home?
  3. Assuming credit score goes down by 10-20 points. Will I get a best home loan with 700+ score?


My current credit utilization and previous back ground


  1. At present I do not have any ongoing loans or balances in my total credit availability ( 6 cards around 56K credit lines)
  2. I had a Paid Charge-off credit history .It was 2.5 years ago
  3. I have good ongoing income. Can afford both car and home mortgage easily.


Thanks in Advance

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