Need Advice on a second NFCU CC

Need Advice on a second NFCU CCNeed Advice on a second NFCU CC
MerrillSab asked 4 years ago

I was thinking of taking advantage of NFCU Go Rewards BT offer. Please take a look at my profile and chime in on if you think they would allow me to have another CC with them. I was going to transfer my PLOC balance to the card if they give me one. 


Also regarding my scores, I haven’t pulled them in a while but let’s just assume that they’re at the low 700’s as they have been for the past 2 years. 


Any help would be appreciated.



Navy Federal Credit Union Cash Rewards VISA$ 43,000.00$ 16,997.52YES
Western Federal Credit Union – PLOC$ 25,000.00$ 9,608.81YES
Nasa Federal Credit Union VISA$ 25,000.00$ 33.49YES
Nasa Federal Credit Union VISA$ 20,000.00$ 38.10YES
Lowes Consumer Credit Card (Synchrony Bank)$ 17,000.00$ 189.92YES
Navy Federal Credit Union – PLOC$ 15,000.00$ 0.00 
CitiBank Thank You Preferred VISA (AU)$ 11,300.00$ 4,300.00 
Barclays Bank – American Airlines Avaitor MasterCard$ 10,000.00$ 9,846.73YES
Jeromes Furniture (Synchrony Bank)$ 6,600.00$ 366.34YES
Nasa Federal Credit Union – PLOC$ 5,000.00$ 486.23 
Macy’s – Department Stores National Bank$ 4,400.00$ 181.65


Capitol One QuickSilver One MasterCard$ 2,750.00$ 860.15YES
American Express – Everyday Card$ 2,500.00$ 2,175.82YES
Barclays Bank – NFL Rewards VISA$ 2,000.00$ 1,023.51YES
Dell Financial Services$ 1,500.00$ 377.19YES
 $ 191,050.00$ 46,485.4624.33%
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