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divanTarma asked 5 years ago

I have been offered a settlement from NCB Management and they gave me until June 30th to respond and I am terrified to make the call!  They offered me 50% ($ 3,700) in one lump sum, or 60% (6 payments of $ 740), neither of which I can afford.  I do want to pay this debt because I dont want to ever be haunted by this again, but if I cant afford what they offered me, I’m afraid they will just make me pay the entire amount which will take me absolutely FOREVER!  I am expecting a $ 1,000 bonus at work HOPEFULLY before June 30th.  What if I call NCB and tell them I can’t afford the payments they have suggested, but offer the $ 1,000 and see if they will take weekly payments, depending on what they say they will settle for.  Does it work that way?  I never did this before and I am really scared, but I want out from under this!  Any advice would be helpful.

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