Navy Federal Denied Me…So Heartbroken

Navy Federal Denied Me…So HeartbrokenNavy Federal Denied Me…So Heartbroken
Maximccv asked 5 years ago

I joined Navy Federal Credit Union Sunday because I heard so many success stories about their credit card approvals. I woke today to heart ache as I looked online to discover I was denied. I have mid 600 scores and about 6 years ago I had a few accounts that are now deliquent (due to come off next year, 2016). I wrote them a secured online message as many have suggested basically saying I was happy to be a member and would be honored to be a borrow as well. I also attached pay stubs and a bank statement showing my 2nd income stream. 


I have not gotten the letter formally telling me the reason for denial. Any suggestions to mend my broken heart in the mean time??

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