Nasafcu – CC to PLOC?

Nasafcu – CC to PLOC?Nasafcu – CC to PLOC?
SamanthaInila asked 4 years ago

Evening.  I opened my nasafcu membership during the frenzy of September 2014.  I was approved for a CC with a 30k limit via SP.  I  I am thinking of opening a PLOC with this credit union and was wondering if anyone had any experience with said process.  Will this require a HP or a SP? If they do require a HP, does anyone know who the spend?  I have not put much spend on the card – A BT when I first opened, but I paid off within the month.  Since then, there has only been a reoccurring 19.95 monthly charge to keep active.  


My scores are in my sig and my other question is, do they ask a lot of specifics regarding what the PLOC is for?  Any advice on how to proceed with that would be appreciated.  Thanks

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