Mysterious Chase Hard Pull (HP)

Mysterious Chase Hard Pull (HP)Mysterious Chase Hard Pull (HP)
exejoir asked 4 years ago

Hey everybody I subscribe to multiple credit monitoring alert programs and I just received an alert today stating that Chase performed a HP inquiry on my Experian report. I went to myFICO to verify and I saw nothing on my 3B alerts stating such. So I sent Chase a secure message (SM) asking them did they perform a HP on my EX report on 4/19/2016 I am currently in the quasi-garden until May 15 – 21ish so that I can apply for an auto loan for my new 2017 Cadillac XT5 and I haven’t applied for any credit since last year and it is bugging the Hell out of me. I will wait until Chase responds and also how long are Chase hard pulls (HP) good for? I saw that I was not preapproved for ANYTHING from Chase (Credit Cards, Auto, etc)…..

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