My rebuilding journey from FICO Score 607

My rebuilding journey from FICO Score 607My rebuilding journey from FICO Score 607
ubattoc asked 4 years ago

Starting score: 607, present score 656 (4/24), goal 720-740

Started rebuilding back in February, first easy wins, low hanging fruit so to speak, was able to get some deletions by disputing the CRA’s online, phone and post mail. 

Some items were deleted, some updated, this is where I stand today and my plan of action:


1 – BK filed on 9/2005 – TU already dropped it off. Still listed on EXP and EQ, will call them to try to get an early deletion or at least get the projected deletion date (10 yr reporting expires on 9/2015)

2 – Grant & Weber collection bill from 8/2008 (past SOL in NV) – EQ already dropped off. TU and EXP listed as “Closed – On record until” 7/2015 and 5/2015 respectively. Also will try to get early deletion from CRA’s

3 – Allied Collection bill from 8/2008 (past SOL in NV) – TU dropped off, EQ and EXP listed “Closed on record until 5/2015”. Also will try to get an early deletion from CRA’s.

4 – Receivables Management Systems for Patient First – TU and EQ show as Paid Collection on record until 12/2020. Wrote GW letter to CA and OC, no reply yet

5 – Verizon Wireless – TU and EXP show as Paid in Settlement, on record until 9/2018. Wrote GW letter to VW, no response.


Student loan went from Sallie Mae (1999-2011) to ASA (2011 – 2012) to the Dept of EDU (2012-1013)

Loan successfully rehabed via Dept of EDU then transferred to Nelnet on 7/2014

All 3 CRA’s show Nelnet Loan as “Pays as agreed” from 2012 until present with no lates (Dept of EDU deleted their own entry)


1 – Sallie Mae – EXP shows “Claim filed with Govt.” on record until 5/2017. TU and EQ show as 120+ days past due. Disputes filed, awaiting results. At the same time wrote GW letter to SM, no response yet

2 – ASA – EXP shows paid, closed. TU shows paid collection. EQ is pending dispute results. Also wrote GW letter to ASA, no results yet.


I’ve been able to get a car loan and three unsecured CC’s (combined limit $ 3,200). One CC has 0% APR for 1 year, all others are high APR. Looking to refi my car loan this year depending on my FICO score increasing to at least 700

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