My plans for 2016, what are yours?

My plans for 2016, what are yours?My plans for 2016, what are yours?
Spups asked 4 years ago


Currently with the fed increase I am at 25.24 on cap1, 0 on amex ED then 18.24 starting this August, 0 on DC then 14.24 2/17, 15.49 on chase, amex delta 8.49%, 23.24 on BOA, 0 on commerce then 20.49 8/16 ( although they pay 3% back per dollar spent on interest lol).



Request a 3x CLI on my delta gold in June

Evaluate all spend on ED/PRG and decide if closing PRG and upgrading to EDP is the better deal…

Continue to intermittently harass cap1 for APR reduction

Request APR reduction on ED in August, possible CL reallocation to even things out

Request split (joint account)8, CLI, and APR reduction in September for BOA (and possible BBR app as inquiries should merge, will be 2 regardless right?)

Request CLI on CU card in October

Continue to request CLI on Citi DC (that SP clock doesnt reset right, it auto declines?)

Request another 3x CLI on delta gold in December

Pray for Sams MC upgrade

Continually dip my fingers in the honey pot of lack of inquiries with friends and families to help them coupon/gain points/bonuses cut interest, etc.


Amex ED will be easy to lower. Delta was just lowered today from 9.74. Citi shouldnt be too difficult either?  Cap1 is a lost cause.  Wondering how hard it is going to be to get my BOA that I opened in september (joint account, I am primary) and get it split, APR reduced, and a decent CL…


Don’t plan on opening any accounts at all, just tinkering with what I have.  If ebates does pop up preapproved this fall, I wouldn’t say no.  Hoping to get solicited for pay over time feature on my PRG and do some APR reductions on that just for fun!


At what point do I weigh everything out and decide if taking a HP for a CLI is worth it on my Citi DC?


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