My old bank charged off my checking account…

My old bank charged off my checking account…My old bank charged off my checking account…
Irenehix asked 4 years ago

Hi all, so here is a little background information on a situation that I dont know how to handle. I recently switched banks and had forgotten to switch over one of my monthly autopays for a monthly subscription. This resulted in me overdrafting my old account. The real issue that came into play was that I recieved a letter from my bank notifying me what had happened and that I had a week to fund the account otherwise they would close it. (I was out of town for work when it was delivered) So I get back, call my old bank and explain what had happened with making a simple mistake not changing an autopay and that I was out of town and didnt receive the letter in time and that I would pay. Her response was well that’s too bad we gave you proper notice and none of the mail was returned so we sent it to collection. Needless to say, I’m not thrilled about this and luckily it hasnt shown up on any of my reports yet. If it does, does anyone think I have a valid dispute? I could see it being reasonable if they charged it off after a longer period of time but this seems a little harsh. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

DaveDays – Free Credit Report Song Guitar Cover

AFANOFLAU replied 4 years ago

Dude, one word. AWESOMENESS!

claudeman replied 4 years ago

yeah man but for some reason i wanted to get that acoustic sound so i

xdjamila replied 4 years ago

well donee ๐Ÿ˜€

claudeman replied 4 years ago


haloflame replied 4 years ago

i dont understand the link it just takes me to davedays youtube profile

Y0UNERD replied 4 years ago

hey can i have the tabs?

David Chang replied 4 years ago

switching guitars skills!!!!!!!!

jewfrodude replied 4 years ago

wow, great job on this!

dragons107 replied 4 years ago

its a guitar pedal

Skateboardzrulez88 replied 4 years ago

Woah, that sounds sick, oh and nice solo.

claudeman replied 4 years ago

haha thanks, im happy it came out good lol

claudeman replied 4 years ago

that word goes to your comment as well!

millsy3311 replied 4 years ago

dude that is pretty ill dog.

claudeman replied 4 years ago

thanks u!

claudeman replied 4 years ago

thanks alot!

scurfie replied 4 years ago

So how long did that take you to learn? If you say less than 15 min then
have a bright future. lol

claudeman replied 4 years ago


brightestimage replied 4 years ago

nice job =) I like the eletric guitar part

MohAterisk replied 4 years ago

this is amazin ur learnt it and played it perfectly and posted it on the
same day

BettrThanYoh replied 4 years ago

lol dood tht was the fastest reply evaar

benjamingfink replied 4 years ago

dude this is sick ๐Ÿ™‚

chipmunkvids1022 replied 4 years ago

it’s called a telecoustic, and yes, IT ROCKS! WOO! i’ve also heard of
stratacoustics, but have never seen or heard one, but i’m pretty sure it
rocks too, ๐Ÿ™‚

claudeman replied 4 years ago

yeah man thakns

Kyle Abjelina replied 4 years ago

woah. ur good. keep it up

divad4142 replied 4 years ago

very nice cover dude!

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