MY LAST COLLECTION – PFD SUCCESS!! How many points????

MY LAST COLLECTION – PFD SUCCESS!! How many points????MY LAST COLLECTION – PFD SUCCESS!! How many points????
Niikolay asked 5 years ago


so i applied for a second mortgage (investment property) and was VERYYY disappointed when they pulled my credit and advised me that i had a 687 mid score.. when MYFICO puts me in the 700’s… very veryyyy disappointing. So i have been trying to get this medical collection deleted via PFD, BBB, DV, and dispute for at least 3 years now.i have called the OC and the collection company many many times.  I was soo sad today that i decided i would call this collection company that has my very last medical collection company (5 years old) and i again explained my situation (the medical collection wasnt my fault as i paid the dentist what i owed and they then charged me more money because they couldnt get me numb for my oral surgery so they kept giving me more and more and then finally laughing gas and thats what the $ 600 was for… anywho i told them i would ONLY pay in full if they delete. ANDDDDD tthey agreed to delete my VERY last collection , no chargeoffs, no other collections, no lates or anything negative on my report so what kind of boost in score can i expect ???

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