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richeventrzn asked 4 years ago

I had a really rough year last year financially. I started graduate school but had some issues so it tooks two semesters before my financial aid was straightned out. I chose to cover the tution cost and additional expenses on my credit cards instead of delaying my graduate school start. After I made this decision I had some medical issues that costed me a lot of money. I ended 2015 with nearly $ 28K in debt. I was able to get a few things straightned out and make some life style adjustments to help mitigate these issues. I pulled my scores on 2/14/16. I was almost in tears to see due to my near 90% utilization my score had dropped from 720 to 630. Luckily, I had kept up with all my bills and I still have zero negatives besides the high utilization. On 02/16/16 I made $ 15K in payments to my credit cards. My utilization will drop back down to 40%. This should help my score a little bit. Three of the cards has reported already and my score increased to 650. The rest should report by mid-march. The rest of the credit card debt should be gone by the end of the year or begining of next year.


My car is near dead and I want to lease a new chevy malibu by the end of March. 


Should I take our new CC and get CLIs to reduce my utilization? 

Any suggestions on things I can do to boost my score?


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